Vital-Side's 5-Day Virtual Brain Retraining Program

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Have you wondered what life would feel like without persistent pain?

What life would look like without feeling weighed down by persistent symptoms?

How YOU would look and feel without planning your day around your chronic illness?


The Vital-Side Program is a 5 day virtual video program, designed to retrain the brain's stress response from a state of fight-or-flight (sympathetic dominant) to a place of growth-and-repair (parasympathetic dominant).


This is for you if you see something different for yourself.

If you have been told time after time that your condition won't improve.

And you said NO.


If you can relate, the Vital-Side Program is designed for you.

This course is for people who have chronic and persistent symptoms like:

- pain

- anxiety

- fatigue

- hypersensitivities

- inflammation

- heightened stress

- and other chronic symptoms


The goal of this program is to take you out of a constant state of fight-or-flight, so you can feel vibrancy in your mind and body!


You can empower your body to fight back.


The Video Course contains roughly 8 hours of video content that is designed to teach you the science of the ever-changing brain and its healing properties. You’ll also learn techniques that teach you how to make a change to the stress response daily, so you can start feeling better. But instead of only watching me use these techniques, you'll be learning to do them on your own in order to take your healing into your own hands!


You can take this program at your own pace and learn the information on your own time from the comfort of your home.

And you can start it today.


This course is interactive, comes with a guidebook you'll be filling out along the way, and prepares you with a community of other self-healers to connect with throughout your course. Because we're in this together.


In this course, you'll learn a daily mental exercise that will help you train with your specific symptoms, so you can start living your most optimal life.


You'll also learn:

- Helpful quick breathing techniques to stimulate the parasympathetic response

- A quick two minute mental exercise you can use when you experience acute symptoms

- A daily practice that helps you train with your symptoms

- And techniques that include visualization, movement, and a basic EFT exercise


We can't guarantee changes happen over night. But we can guarantee continued support, techniques that make beneficial changes to your brain and body, and a community that thrives on positivity, shared experiences, and learning all about the brain!



- Lifetime access to the Vital-Side Video Course

- The Vital-Side Guidebook

- A Membership to Vital-Side, which offers live calls, one-on-one support, and more products at a 50% discounted rate

- Lifetime access to the exclusive Vital-Side Forum


Vital-Side's 5-Day Virtual Brain Retraining Program

5 Day Video Course

The Video Course contains roughly 8 hours of video content that is designed to teach you the science of the ever-changing brain and its healing properties. You’ll also learn techniques that teach you how to make a change to the stress response daily. You can take this virtual course at your own pace!
These techniques include visualization to make a change to your current state, mental rehearsal to train for any event ahead of the actual experience, and mental exercises that assist the brain in going back into parasympathetic mode.
In this course, you’ll learn quick techniques you can use the moment you experience a symptom and a longer technique that assists you in making long-term changes to the chronic stress response, so your immune system can start to heal and the body can work for itself again.

Vital-Side Guidebook

A workbook designed to further you in your journey to healing. You’ll find this book coincides with the programs offered in the Vital-Side Video and Live Programs, and you’ll be referencing it in your 5 day course, as well your next 6 months of healing. In this book, you’ll find helpful science, techniques explained, and word prompts to help start the retraining process.

Vital-Side Ed

The Vital-Side Ed Course is a group video call that is designed to help you stay accountable in your journey to retraining your brain. These calls consist of review on neuroplasticity topics sprinkled with new information, different brain training techniques, and relevant studies that assist you in this retraining process.
Community is important in Vital-Side Ed. That’s why we learn information together, interact with one another, and encourage each other to learn and growth in a safe space. Vital-Side Ed calls are unique because even if you can’t make the video call, I post a recording of that video that is available for one week after the call. Vital-Side Ed typically takes place every Tuesday at 5:30 PM CST.

The Vital-Side Forum 

This is an active forum that is designed for all those in Vital-Side. In this forum, you can share stories of healing with others, offer words of encouragement, and even connect with each other privately. This forum is designed for you as a safe space to heal with others who are also focused on healing

Lindsay's Office Hours 

You can always use the Vital-Side Forum to post public questions/ insights to communicate with others in Vital-Side. Once a week, Lindsay will go LIVE on the forum, and this is an opportunity for you to send direct messages to Lindsay about your current practice.
This is made available once a week for one hour, and the questions will be answered in the order that they are received. Please note that Lindsay may direct you to schedule a private session with her if the question is too complex. Lindsay does not offer any medical advice in these chats, so if questions arise about medical treatment, she will direct you to your primary care practitioner.

Personalized Progress Plans 

You will receive an Incremental Progress Plan based on the most common symptoms of anxiety, pain, and fatigue. This will help you to further your own plan based on your own symptoms. Personalized Progress Plans are reserved for members of the Vital-Side Plus and Live programs since they require extra time and coaching.

5 Intensive Coaching Sessions

These sessions are reserved for members of the Vital-Side Live Program. These sessions last up to 3 hours each, which is 15 hours of coaching time. In these sessions, we will review all the Vital-Side content live over the short period of two weeks.
You’ll be able to ask questions in real time and have them answered by Lindsay. You will be going through techniques and sharing responses from The Vital-Side Guidebook together. All of these sessions can be recorded per your request and sent the following day.

5 Monthly Check-In Calls 

These sessions are reserved for members of the Vital-Side Live program. We meet once a month for one hour to review your Vital-Side Progress Plan, update the Progress Plan, and review your questions.

The Vital-Side Gift

A sweet reminder sent to you for the purpose of cueing you to practice every single day. This is a gift made by Kanti Goods, a nonprofit that that gives opportunities to underprivileged women in Nepal. You will receive this shortly after purchasing this LIVE package.