Initial Mastermind Session + Individualized Plan



You have information on how to retrain your brain, but you don't know how to make your brain retraining program work for you.

Mastermind Sessions are designed for you, so we can develop a plan that makes sense to you based on what is working for you, what's not working for you, what kind of learner you are, and how you're wanting to improve. This 75-minute session is recommended for people who are in the process of retraining their brain through Vital-Side or another brain retraining program and are looking for some extra tools on how to move forward in their healing process. If you're already a member of Vital-Side, please see Vital-Side's membership page.

What you get

Since this is our initial consultation with one another, you are going to have all your questions about brain retraining answered first and foremost. Lindsay will also prepare an individualized plan for you based on your symptoms, which is why it's important to schedule 3-4 days in advance.

- 75- minutes of virtual one-on-one time with Lindsay

- a PDF version of your Incremental Progress Plan (5-10 pages) that reviews a step-by-step process on how to make progress to your symptoms and achieve your goals

- A recording of our session together

What to expect

When you schedule, you will be directed to answer a series of questions that will help Lindsay prepare for your Mastermind Session beforehand. Prepare for:

- A virtual meeting for 75-minutes

- A better understanding for how to make changes to your symptoms based on what you're wanting to achieve and the symptoms you're experiencing

- Additional techniques to add to your repertoire of brain retraining exercises

Initial Mastermind Session + Individualized Plan

These sessions are offered to everyone, no matter what brain retraining program you've completed. This is because each person is so unique, and sometimes, a little extra one-on-one time is just what you need to move forward in your practice.