One Private Session



If you are using another brain training program & feeling unmotivated, stuck, or bored... this reinvigoration session is for you!

We can focus on the TOP questions you have about your brain training practice. After three years of coaching, the most common questions Lindsay has seen with fellow brain retrainers are:

- How do I personalize my practice?

- How can I make this work for my learning style?

- How to I incrementally train to reach my goals and find relief from my top symptoms?

With one 60 minute session, you'll receive:

1. A personalized session that includes an additional technique Lindsay finds relevant to your question, a way to get specific in your training plan, and/or creative recommendations to boost your practice.

2. A 1-3 page plan depicting the techniques we went through, recommendations, and a structured protocol on how to move forward.

3. A recording of your session that will be available to you the next day along with a personalized email about topics covered.


Think of this time like an audit to your brain retraining practice.

Before we meet live, I'll have all the information needed to create a presentation for you based on your learning style, what you're looking to improve in your practice, and where you may feel disconnected.

Brain training does not have to be rigid. In this session, we can work together to update your stale practice, get aligned with new goals, and even talk about ways to train to find relief from specific symptoms that don't seem to budge.

Each individual is different in the way they learn and perceive information. Just because you have the resources to continue the brain retraining process does not mean that they will always work for you in the same way.

Together, we can create techniques that work for you based on your unique characteristics and symptoms, and learn information together in a safe, virtual setting.

If you have additional questions, want extra clarification on your plan, or want to spend some one-on-one time to get some extra accountability, this is the session to purchase.

Unsure if this session is for you?

One Private Session

New to brain retraining or wanting an entirely new approach to your neuroplasticity practice?