Vital-Side Members,

Thank you for being such a vital part of this community. You are the reason why we continue to change the story of chronic illness. If it wasn't for you, there wouldn't be a Vital-Side. For that reason, you have access to ALL the Vital-Side services and products for a discounted rate. This means, you can purchase one-on-one time with Lindsay, community group calls, and other products all for a discounted rate on the membership page listed below.This is only reserved for members, so if you're wanting to access membership, please opt in by purchasing the Vital-Side Program, and you'll receive automatic access to everything offered on the membership page.

The Membership Page:

Members, please use this link to access all that Vital-Side Membership has to offer! Like:

- Discounted private sessions with Lindsay

- Weekly community calls in Vital-Side Ed

- Weekly Office Hours

This page is reserved for those who are already enrolled in the Vital-Side Program. Once you are enrolled into the Vital-Side Program, you have access to all the member's services listed at a discounted price. If you make a purchase and are not an active member of Vital-Side, you will be quickly removed from the page and unable to access the information.


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If you're not yet a member, purchase the Vital-Side Program to receive membership.

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