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Healing in Your Hands

Learn how to reduce the physical impact of stress to reclaim your natural resilience.

In this course, Beth Misner and I guide you through fun and simple tools to recover from the 2020 phenomenon known as 'Crisis Fatigue'.

When people have crisis fatigue, it's natural for them to feel a mixture of exhaustion, rage, disgust, despair, desperation, hypervigilance, anxiety, and grief.

What's Included

  • One year of access to 12 modules that includes information about the science behind our approach + BONUS videos!
  • Practices that incorporate EFT tapping, qigong, visualization, breathing, and movement
  • A structured protocol on how to move forward to reclaim resilience in your mind + body

About Beth Misner

Beth Misner was a Qigong and Tai Chi master, certified sports nutritionist, yoga instructor, meditation practitioner, and author of six books, including Healing Can Be Easy: How I Healed Cancer with the BodyMind. As the founder of Abundant Health, Beth offered coaching and education focused on healing naturally through nutrition, mindfulness practices, and spiritual direction.

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