Healing In Your Hands

With Beth Misner & Lindsay Mitchell

Right Now, Does This Sound Like You?

- You're waking up in the middle of the night feeling panicked with your heart racing, and NOTHING seems to help you fall back asleep?


- You find yourself watching the news, experiencing acute anxiety, and all of the sudden, that old injury starts to act up, and you want to make a CHANGE?


- You notice that FEAR is the most common emotion you're experiencing, and you find yourself focused on the things you can't control after experiencing acute trauma?


If you have been experiencing these exacerbated symptoms of stress due to acute trauma, JOIN US for a virtual course that gives you simple, actionable steps to shift from acute stress to a place of safety.

Our Mission

To help people find relief from acute stress, anxiety, and fear through simple actionable techniques they can learn in this virtual course.


When we experience acute trauma, whether it's from a pandemic or another intense stressful situation, our bodies have a physiological response to that trauma.


In order to boost our immune systems and improve our mental health, it's important that we shift out of this acute stress response, so we can experience better health and maintain a warrior-like mentality.

About Beth Misner

Beth is a Qigong and Tai Chi master and has a black belt in martial arts. She is a certified sports nutritionist, yoga instructor, and meditation practitioner who founded Abundant Health, which focuses on the process of healing naturally through nutrition, mindfulness practices, and spiritual direction.

Beth has her own story healing naturally from metastatic breast cancer, and she uses her knowledge as a practitioner and experience as a patient to educate the masses. Beth has written 6 books including "Healing Can Be Easy: How I Healed Cancer with the BodyMind."

About Lindsay Mitchell

Lindsay is the CEO and founder of Vital-Side, a program designed to reboot the brain’s growth-and-repair response. She helps those with chronic stress and chronic illness go from a state of fight/flight/freeze to a place of freedom and security in their bodies.

Five years ago, she started working in medicine as an internal medicine PA-C, and after recovering from chronic Lyme disease, she makes it her mission to help others with chronic pain, fatigue, and brain fog. She is an NLP & EFT practitioner who helps people find relief from their chronic symptoms using their most valuable resource- the brain.

What Can You Expect?

A DIY Course Combining Brain Retraining + Qigong

We believe that healing truly is in your hands, and it's SO important to start this process after experiencing acute trauma.

So, what happens when you join the waiting list?

- you'll receive FIRST access to the virtual "Healing In Your Hands" course, set to be released in August

- you'll get access to all DISCOUNTS and promotions offered

- you'll be sent EXCLUSIVE interviews from practitioners in the healing world like Dr. Daniel Amen, JJ Virgin, and Dr. Lise Janelle

Wondering if "Healing in your Hands" is right for you?

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For more information or questions about this virtual program, contact Lindsay at: lindsay@vital-side.com.