Use the Power
of Your Brain
to Transform
Your Story of
Chronic Illness

In Vital-Side, we use a structured, individualized approach to elevate your health and help you find relief from chronic symptoms from the safety and comfort of your own home.

All You Need To Know About Brain Retraining For $299

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Right now, does this sound like you?

- You have been diagnosed with a chronic illness, have tried (what feels like) hundreds of treatments, and nothing seems to provide you with consistent relief from pain, fatigue, and brain fog.

- You wake up first thing in the morning and your heart is racing, and you automatically think about the thousands of things you have to do today, but instead, all you want to do is stay in bed.

- You experience heightened anxiety, food sensitivities, and inflammation that spreads quickly and seems to dictate how you spend the rest of your day.

Vital-Side is a transformative brain retraining program that offers:

- resources required to retrain your brain for resilience

- a structured approach for those dealing with chronic symptoms

- individualized care for those who need extra guidance

- a community of brain retrainers

About Lindsay

Hey ya'll, I'm Lindsay Mitchell.

I am a trained physician assistant and certified in some other great tools that have allowed me to create this transformative brain retraining program. But most importantly, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease & co-infections and made a recovery.

This allows me the most experience when it comes to understanding you & your story and giving you the resources required to help calm the fight-or-flight response. One of my favorite things to do is share my story of brain retraining with medical practitioners and others struggling with chronic illness.

Your Brain As Medicine

Neuroscientists have found that the neurochemistry created in our brains, communicated to our bodies, is responsible for many of our physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. The brain regulates every bodily process. It is responsible for determining if you're hungry, how you should breathe, and what you should feel. The brain is constantly sending and receiving messages from our physical bodies in response to its environment.

When we curate our environments and make beneficial changes to our brains through visualization, mental exercise, and quick techniques, we make positive changes to our health.

Community + 1:1 Sessions

Brain retraining isn't just about learning information and hoping it sticks. It's about being fully immersed in a community of other self-healers who also experience chronic conditions. They have the momentum and drive to make a change to their state and transform their lives.

Vital-Side offers weekly virtual group calls to review brain training techniques and hold you accountable for your healing journey. In addition, one-on-one coaching sessions are always offered. We know how important it is to find relief from symptoms. That's why in Vital-Side, we learn, grow, and thrive together.

Learn From Home

When we decide to make a positive change to our health, we make a commitment to ourselves. In Vital-Side, you can learn tools that will transform your life from a place of stress to a place of ease.

And you absolutely have the capability to get cozy with a blanket and cup of tea to learn quick mental exercises and a specialized, daily protocol, designed for those with chronic symptoms, that can benefit your brain and body.

What makes Vital-Side different? You have LIFETIME access to the content and private forum, and once a member, you'll have access to all discounts offered to members.

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Meditation designed to calm the fight-or-flight response first thing in the morning

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Meditation to calm the fight-or-flight response to create optimum sleep habits.

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Neuroplasticity (Brain Retraining) Coaching Sessions

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Single Brain retraining (Neuroplasticity) Coaching Session

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Client Success Stories

- Kelcey

"This is great for anyone that is just starting to retrain their limbic system as well as anyone that is deep in the process. This is a much more tailored experience, specific to one's needs. This program provides a caring, detailed approach that definitely supports any aspect of limbic system impairment."

- Rob

"I have to say that I was skeptical starting a program that I really had no idea what to expect. Lindsay gives you the science behind each and every step that we worked through, which made way more sense to me. When I started to do the exercise, I noticed a change within the first week. Now, I stick to doing them all the time because I know they make me feel better."

- Lisa

"Being able to do this from home via video was very personal. Also, Lindsay is so positive that it is almost impossible not to feel uplifted is amazing how much lighter and more positive you feel after learning that you can heal yourself. I immediately feel better after doing a few minutes of practice."

Practitioners are raving about Vital-Side

Dr. Wallace Taylor, Forum Health

Beth Misner, Abundant Health