What Vital-Siders are saying:

"Two days of the program, and my symptoms were GONE."
-Beth Misner

“Lindsay's program, Vital-Side, is totally amazing and beneficial. The program provides the tools that are needed for healing and to get your life back, no matter where you are in life. Lindsay also provides continued support through Vital-Side Ed classes, a wonderful way to help keep you on track and motivated. The program takes practice, patience, commitment and determination and always keeping faith in your vision. Lindsay is always there for support, encouragement and yes, love. I am so impressed with Lindsay’s knowledge and the ease and grace in which she leads the class. It made me very comfortable.”

"I am a lot more in control and confident. I'm able to live my life the way I want to be living."
- Brina

I have healed my limbic system dysfunction through neuroplasticity. Lindsay has helped tremendously... She is truly a caring person. During my sessions with Lindsay, she listened carefully and helped me uncover core beliefs and behaviors that were not serving me. She gave me great advice and several exercises to do. The exercises helped me so much & took me to recovery... I am fully healed from my limbic system injury and now living my life to the fullest! Thank you Lindsay for all of your coaching and advice .. I wouldn’t be here without your help"

Hear from Teo & Cassie:

“Vital-Side and Lindsay have been a great blessing. She is kind, generous, and an inspiration. If you’ve ever started something wondering if it works and if it’s right for you, you can take comfort in knowing that Lindsay has been through it and has the experience to show you the way. This program requires practice and commitment, but it also allows you to take back control of your own health.”

“I have to say that I was skeptical starting a program that I really had no idea what to expect. Lindsay gives you the science behind each and every step that we worked through, which made way more sense to me. When I started to do the exercise, I noticed a change within the first week. Now, I stick to doing them all the time because I know they make me feel better.”

“Being able to do this from home via video was very personal. Also, Lindsay is so positive that it is almost impossible not to feel uplifted… it is amazing how much lighter and more positive you feel just after learning that you can heal yourself. I immediately feel better after doing a few minutes of practice.

Hear from Jacob & Ann:

“This is great for anyone that is just starting to retrain their limbic system as well as anyone that is deep in the process. This is a much more tailored experience, specific to one’s needs. This program provides a caring, detailed approach that definitely supports any aspect of limbic system impairment.”

“Lindsay is a very optimistic and uplifting person with whom to work… I love the one-on-one time. It is by far better than a once size fits all program. I like the fact that (Lindsay) addresses all of my issues and custom tailored a program for me… (she) seems to have many different tricks up her sleeve, which I find is necessary. Even though it has only been a month or so, I do believe this is helping with my symptoms. It is easy to find a daily routine with the exercises without them being an effort or time-consuming. I also like having spontaneous exercises to do when I find a sudden increase in symptoms. The challenges are good because I can see progress with measurement."

- Nancy