You think you may be living in a chronic state of fight-or-flight.

Curious to understand what it's like to experience a "parasympathetic reset?"

Find out more in this free video to hear Lindsay's story and more information about:

- How brain retraining helped her through a time of pain, anxiety, and fatigue

- What brain retraining means and go through an example using visualization

- How practitioners are using brain retraining in their practices

- Quick tools you can use today to make positive changes to your brain

*Please note that some of the packages listed in this video have changed due to pivoting during COVID-19. Private sessions are and community calls are still available to brain retrainers but are no longer included in the Vital-Side Program.

A brain retraining program for those with chronic illness, designed to provide people relief from symptoms.

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Pilates instructor, Friend, Mother

Previous experiencer of pain, chemical sensitivities, and sleep-related issues

“Lindsay is a very optimistic and uplifting person with whom to work… I love the one-on-one time. It is by far better than a once size fits all program. I like the fact that (Lindsay) addresses all of my issues and custom tailored a program for me… (she) seems to have many different tricks up her sleeve, which I find is necessary.

Even though it has only been a month or so, I do believe this is helping with my symptoms. It is easy to find a daily routine with the exercises without them being an effort or time-consuming. I also like having spontaneous exercises to do when I find a sudden increase in symptoms. The challenges are good because I can see progress with measurement."