Bundle of 3 Private Brain Retraining Sessions



Elevate your brain training practice

We can get extremely specific with the questions you have and have a plan of action for our next 6 weeks of working together! In these sessions, Lindsay will develop a strategic plan to conduct a deep dive into what works in your practice and what doesn't and go through an actionable plan for mini goals.

When you sign up for this package, get extremely specific with your answers to the survey, so she can clearly create this plan before you meet.

In these three sessions, you'll work together to:

Session 1: Uncover your core values to re-discover what motivates you to practice and make progress. This involves a visualization technique and review of an exercise that helps you take action when a limiting, old belief reveals itself. You'll leave this session with a plan of action, core value & limiting belief exercise, and information on how to improve your visualizations. You'll receive the recording the following day.

Session 2: We'll go through a specific quick technique that helps you incidentally train with symptoms throughout the day. This technique will be modified and personalized for you depending on your top symptoms and will take only 2-5 minutes to complete. You'll also leave with an action plan that includes the personalized state changing tool and recommendations on additional ways to reignite your practice.

Session 3: This last session focuses mostly on ways to achieve *mini goals* and find relief from your top symptoms. We go through a very specific plan for how to do this in 1 month period of time. This plan will be 4-5 pages long and consist of an action plan for you to utilize for the next 6 months.

With one 60 minute session, you'll receive:

1. A personalized session that includes an additional technique Lindsay finds relevant to your question, a way to get specific in your training plan, and/or creative recommendations to boost your practice.

2. A 1-3 page plan depicting the techniques we went through, recommendations, and a structured protocol on how to move forward.

I recommend that each of these sessions take place once every 2-3 weeks, so you have plenty of time to implement the tools and techniques. You also have the access to me via email if questions come up about the techniques used.

We can take the info and tools you already know to the next level to align with goals that match you today!

In these three sessions, we'll:

1. Use an exercise to connect with your core values

2. Get personalized with your Incremental Progress Plan

3. Give you updated incidental training tools for you to use throughout the day

This package is ideal for those who are in the process of brain retraining and are wanting some extra one-on-one time to ask questions, review their plan, and revitalize their mental exercises.

Unsure if these sessions are for you?

Hear from Vital-Sider, Carrie

Bundle of 3 Private Brain Retraining Sessions