Healing In Your Hands






This virtual course contains 12 modules of golden nuggets with over 3 hours of content you can use today to shift from 'crisis fatigue' & RECLAIM your natural resilience.

If you have recently started to experience:




This program is for you!

Beth Misner, Qigong practitioner, and Lindsay Mitchell will walk you through simple tools to shift from feeling the physical impact of stress.


Healing In Your Hands

Virtual Golden Nuggets

You'll receive:

- One year of access to 12 Modules + BONUS videos of science + simple tools, over 3 hours of content!

- Practices that incorporate EFT, Qigong, Visualization, Breathing + Movement

- A structured protocol on how to move forward to reclaim resilience in your mind + body

A Professional Approach

Beth Misner is a Qigong and Tai Chi master and has a black belt in martial arts. She is a certified sports nutritionist, yoga instructor, and meditation practitioner who founded Abundant Health, which focuses on the process of healing naturally through nutrition, mindfulness practices, and spiritual direction.

Beth has her own story healing naturally from metastatic breast cancer, and she uses her knowledge as a practitioner and experience as a patient to educate the masses. Beth has written 6 books including "Healing Can Be Easy: How I Healed Cancer with the BodyMind."

The Science Behind The Tools

Lindsay is the founder of Vital-Side, a program designed to reboot the brain’s growth-and-repair response. She helps those with chronic stress and chronic illness go from a state of fight/flight/freeze to a place of freedom and security in their bodies.

Five years ago, she started working in medicine as a PA-C, and after recovering from chronic Lyme disease, she makes it her mission to help others with chronic pain, fatigue, and brain fog. She is an NLP & EFT practitioner who helps people find relief from their chronic symptoms using their most valuable resource- the brain.

Virtual Access

You'll receive one year access to all the tools + techniques taught in this virtual course

Reclaim Your Natural Resilience

We may be experiencing stress, but we are resilient.

Now, more than ever, is the time to reclaim our resilience and take baby steps to uncover a warrior like mentality in every aspect of our lives, so we can access peace, joy, and love once again.

Hear it from the professionals!