Brain Retraining Reminder Bracelet


A Kind Reminder For Healing

These bracelets are handmade for those wanting a cue to remind themselves to do their brain retraining practice, to motivate themselves to remember why they're practicing, and to create transformation in their lives.

This is for you if you want to create the habit of completing your practice, saying who you are at your core, your "I AM" statement.

Mission Based

50% of proceeds go to supporting the education of underprivileged women in developing countries.

These are hand-crafted in Nepal by Dambar, a man who made a full recovery from chronic illness. Read more about Dambar's story below.

Kanti Goods gives opportunities to underprivileged women and small-scale artisans, and entrepreneurs while encouraging local materials and fair production methods. These bracelets help support this cause by helping these people to acquire new skills, opportunities, and economic independence within their local communities.

In Vital-Side, we are on a mission to bring healing & support to the world through brain retraining and using positive neuroplasticity. This bracelet is one more reminder of that mission.

About the Bracelet


One-size fits all, these bracelets are malleable and can adapt to the arm they are on.

Options/ Materials:

Yellow copper, red copper, and white metal.


Handmade by Dambar in Nepal

These are bracelets that are available in limited quantity, handmade in Nepal with brain trainers in mind.

When we figure out our core values, who we are on a deeper level and how we live our lives, we create a sense of purpose, a sense of desire, and a sense of belonging. You can continue to remind yourself to create this sense of safety in your body with this beautiful reminder.




About the Artist:

In the heart of the Himalayan mountain range lies Nepal, a country full of vibrant colors, rich traditions, and a difficult past. A former monarchy, after 6 years of Civil War, Nepal finally became a democratic nation back in 2006. Since then, the country has been rapidly modernizing while trying to keep its Hindu and Buddhist religious traditions alive. One longstanding issue in the region, however, is the caste system. And every day, people born into the lowest caste are doomed to live a life of poverty with little to no opportunities.

Years ago Dambar started as an independent silversmith. He was helped by a Dutchman who had encountered him by chance. This man, decided to give Dambar a helping hand because Dambar suffered from the disease TB. In the Netherlands this would not be a life threatening disease, but in a country like Nepal it is not easy to get medication for this. The doctors said that there was no hope if Dambar could not buy this medicine. The Dutchman raised the money and helped Dambar to get well. But according to the beautiful proverb “Give a man a fish, he can eat. Give someone a fishing rod, he can learn to fish,“ they decided that Dambar had to learn to support himself. He learned the trade of silversmith and started a small workshop.

These bracelets were made with love from Dambar.

Brain Retraining Reminder Bracelet