Vital-Side Ed Subscription



What we'll be doing in Vital-Side Ed:

- Running through a quick mental exercise to calm the stress response & create focus

- Reviewing a neuroplasticity topic

- Checking in as a community, asking questions, and learning from other self-healers


Vital-Side Ed Recordings are designed to insure that you get all your brain retraining questions answered!


We go through topics like:

- How positive emotions influence our health

- How to stay motivated throughout our brain retraining practice

- How to incrementally progress, so you're seeing improvements


What to expect:

- This is a monthly subscription, so we'll be meeting once a week

- If you have to miss a session, that's fine! You'll have access to the previous week's recording via Teachable for 2 weeks

- Access to Vital-Side's private forum, where you can connect with other self-healers away from the pressures of social media



- Purchase of The Vital-Side Program OR any other positive neuroplasticity program

- Commitment to yourself and your community

Vital-Side Ed Subscription