Vital-Side's 5-Day Virtual Brain Retraining Program

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Have you wondered what life would feel like without persistent pain?


What life would look like without feeling weighed down by sensitivities and inflammation?


How YOU would look and feel without planning your day around your chronic illness?


The Vital-Side Program includes:


- Lifetime access to the Vital-Side Video 5-Day Video Course (that is constantly updated), so you can take this course at your own pace.


- Lifetime access to the Vital-Side Private Forum & access to daily communication with Lindsay through messaging


- Lifetime access to the Vital-Side Guidebook


- A Membership to Vital-Side, which offers live calls, one-on-one support, and more products at discounted rates


The Vital-Side Program is a 5 day virtual video program, designed to retrain the brain's stress response from a state of fight-or-flight (sympathetic dominance) to a place of growth-and-repair (parasympathetic dominance).


This is for you if you see something different for yourself.


This is for you if you have been told time after time that your condition won't improve.


And you said NO.

What makes Vital-Side different?

When you sign up for this program, you get lifetime access to the content and the private forum.


You also get lifetime access to membership discounts including one-on-one time with Lindsay & weekly community calls in Vital-Side Ed.


Lindsay wants to see you THRIVE, so if you require modifications or additional help, she is available to have this program work FOR YOU and can be reached daily on the private forum.


The Vital-Side Program is designed for you.

This course is for people who have chronic and persistent symptoms like:

- pain

- anxiety

- fatigue

- hypersensitivities

- inflammation

- heightened stress

- other chronic symptoms


The goal of this program is to take you out of a constant state of fight-or-flight, so you can feel vibrancy in your mind and body!


You can empower your body to work for itself, to rewire your brain for resilience.


What does this course entail?

The Vital-Side Program contains 5 days of video content designed to teach you the science of the ever-changing brain and its healing properties. Each day consists of no more than 2 hours of content, so you can take the process at your own place, filling out the Vital-Side Guidebook along the way.


You’ll also learn structured techniques that teach you how to make a change to the stress response daily, so you can start seeing results. Instead of only watching Lindsay use these techniques, you'll be learning to do them on your own in order to take your healing into your own hands. You'll also learn a daily mental exercise that will help you train with your specific symptoms, so you can start living your most optimal life.


You can take this program at your own pace and learn the information on your own time from the comfort of your home. And you can start it today.


This course is interactive, comes with a guidebook you'll be filling out along the way, and offers you with a community of other self-healers to connect with throughout your course.


Because we're in this together.


You'll also learn:

- Helpful breathing techniques to stimulate the parasympathetic response

- A quick two minute mental exercise you can use when you experience acute symptoms

- A daily practice that helps you train with your symptoms (takes anywhere from 15 mins- 1 hr/day)

- Additional techniques that include visualization, movement, and the Emotional Freedom Technique


We can't guarantee changes happen over night. But we can guarantee:

- continued support

- techniques that make beneficial changes to your brain and body

- a community that thrives on positivity, shared experiences, and making shifts to their brains.

Vital-Side's 5-Day Virtual Brain Retraining Program