The Vital-Side Membership

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Find relief from chronic symptoms using a structured protocol

Have you wondered what life would feel like without persistent pain?


What life would look like without feeling weighed down by sensitivities and inflammation?


How YOU would look and feel without planning your day around your chronic illness?


With the Vital-Side Membership, you'll receive:

- Lifetime access to the Vital-Side's Virtual 5 day video course

- Lifetime access to the private forum & ability to chat with Lindsay LIVE daily

- Lifetime access to the Vital-Side Guidebook

- Discounted membership rates on private sessions & other Vital-Side Products


The Vital-Side Program is a 5 day virtual video program, designed to retrain the brain's stress response from a state of fight-or-flight (sympathetic dominance) to a place of growth-and-repair (parasympathetic dominance).


This is for you if you see something different for yourself.


This is for you if you have been told time after time that your condition won't improve.


And you said NO.

The Vital-Side Membership