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This is it! Get Excited! You can be on the path to self-healing in no time. It's time to get your mind out of fight-or-flight and take it to a state of freedom and security.

What does Vital-Side have to offer?

5 Day Video Course

This isn't your typical DIY course.
This virtual 5-day program is designed for people who have chronic and persistent symptoms and are ready to see monumental changes to their lives.
This video course contains over 8 hours of video content, designed to teach you the science of the ever-changing brain and simple daily techniques, so you can see transformation in your life.

LIVE Community Calls

Community is everything.

If you're committed to the process of brain retraining, you can level up your practice with weekly live group virtual calls in Vital-Side Ed Class. In these classes, we:

- Complete a brain retraining exercise

- Review a brain retraining topic

- Check-in with one another

The goal of this course is to take you one step further in your healing journey, so you can experience transformation and share it with a group of like-minded people going through the same process.

Community Forum

Here, you'll be part of a private community of like-minded self-healers, all discovering their vital-side. This takes place on a platform away from social media and distractions and gives you the opportunity to connect with others committed to making daily positive changes to their brains. Here, we share progress and transformation. We post questions about the healing journey, and we get to know each other, away from pressures of stressful environments and judgment from outsiders.

Your Guide to Brain Retraining

This Guidebook is designed to further you in your journey to brain recovery and is always included with your Vital-Side Program. You'll have it with you to reference throughout your 6 month commitment to brain retraining. In this book, you’ll find helpful science, all the specialized brain retraining techniques explained, and word prompts to continue to further your retraining process.

Mastermind Progress Plans

If you're looking for some more individualized help, we got you!
This plan will give you a detailed step-by-step approach on how to experience transformation using brain training techniques specific to your symptoms. When you sign up for a 75 minute session, we go through this plan together point-by-point, so you can understand how to make huge progress in your brain retraining practice.

LIVE Weekly check-ins

Once a week, Lindsay will go LIVE on the exclusive Vital-Side forum. This is an opportunity for you to send direct questions to Lindsay about your current practice.
In Vital-Side, you won't be left alone. If you have questions, need advice, or are seeking motivational tips, we are always here for you & available to answer your questions.

We all have our own paths.
Find out if Vital-Side is the path for you.

The Vital-Side Membership
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