Which Vital-Side Brain Retraining Program is right for me?

The Rewire Membership 👇🏻

"At the end of 2020, I was on family & medical leave from my full-time job and barely able to make it up the stairs without experiencing severe pain. NOW, I'm doing the POTS 5K next week in Boston!"

- Amelia (chronic pain, POTS, anxiety, & food sensitivities)

Rewire is for you if you were diagnosed with a chronic illness OR suffer from chronic physical & mental symptoms like pain, fatigue, and brain fog. This is for you if you have tried treatment, detox, & every diet change in the book with no symptom relief. It's time to go from surviving to thriving. Rewire is our most comprehensive course with 10+ hours of video & audio content, combined with a 64-page Guidebook and a private community of thousands of brain retrainers. PLUS you'll receive access to private messaging & add-on private or group sessions with Lindsay.

Not sure if Rewire is for you?

*Start with Reset - a 7-day introductory course into brain retraining. Learn what brain retraining consists of, how to start identifying your survival responses, and leave with quick retraining tools you can use daily.

The Reboot Membership 👇🏻

"As a busy working mom of two active teens, who was recently promoted, I was looking for a program that would help me center, regroup, and put me on a positive path to managing my stress levels. Reboot did just that! Learning about the nervous system and different techniques to reboot myself have been valuable tools to have in my toolbox."

- Savita (Going through a self-discovery journey as her PANS daughter healed significantly)

Reboot is for you if you feel overwhelmed by the daily stressors of life. You don't have chronic physical symptoms per say, but you've experienced trauma in your life, and it's coming up as anxiety, limiting beliefs like, "I'm not good enough," and STRESS that keeps you hyperfocused on the challenges of life. You may have recently experienced a life transition like a break up, job change, move, or you've recently decided to become a parent. Change feels hard, and life feels chaotic.

This course offers 5 hours of video & audio, a 40-page Guidebook, a private community, and direct messaging with Lindsay & the Vital-Side team. You'll commit 20 minutes/ day to a daily practice that will allow you to break free of stress and tap into the feelings of trust, empowerment, and joy.

The Elevate Membership 👇🏻

"I'm starting to do the things I loved again, as well as activities I always wanted to do but had many excuses before (busy at work, no time, no energy, etc). I would say there have been A LOT of changes to my brain in the last two weeks."

- Michaela (food intolerances & skin rashes + former member of Rewire)

Elevate is the next best step for you if you have been a brain retrainer in Rewire or another structured brain retraining program. You have seen changes in your symptoms, but you're not sure how to personalize your practice, motivate yourself to move forward, or incrementally train with your goals. Elevate is the best next step to take your practice to the next level & is a great substitute for expensive private sessions with a coach. This is a 6-Part video course that includes education and 38+ tools on how to personalize your brain retraining practice. You'll receive access to a private network of retrainers + a live group events!

Not sure if you want to complete another course?

*Regulation Station offers a data base of 35+ state changers that are ALL 7-minutes or less that add calm, play, and peace to your day. These are somatic tools, mental exercises, and visualization techniques that you can add on to your current practice.

Not sure what program is for you or have additional questions? Schedule a time to talk with me!

You can schedule a 30-minute call to chat with a Vital-Side team member to talk about your condition, and together, you can make a plan to determine what is the next step for you in your healing journey. Before your session, you'll fill out a comprehensive survey so that a team member can get to know you better, and you'll come together LIVE on Zoom to talk about next steps. You'll leave with recommendations & a clear view of next steps.

If you are a brain retrainer from a program other than Vital-Side, and you're wanting information about working together, this is a time where you both can both determine if Vital-Side would be a good fit.

*Please note, this is not a coaching session and no team member offers medical advice.

*Please note that we do not offer refunds on any memberships or sessions, as stated in our terms & agreements listed at the bottom of the site. You can always cancel your auto renewal & change your payment when you activate your membership.*