Meet with a Vital-Side Team Member

We know there are so many choices when it comes to choosing a nervous system regulation program.

Vital-Side has been a top brain retraining program since 2018, and we would love to give you our best recommendations on which of our programs to use based on your bio-individual needs in a 30-min intro call.

The team at Vital-Side has extensive knowledge on Vital-Side programs, protocols, and techniques. They have been Vital-Side members themselves and have a background in psychology and counseling.

When you meet with a team member, you'll be talking to people who have been there themselves and want to be a guide for you as you choose which limbic retraining program to add to your healing journey.

Schedule an Introductory Call with a Vital-Side Team Member

This is for you if you are new to Vital-Side and want to choose the program that is best suited for you. If you are already a Vital-Side member, please schedule a private session with Lindsay to get your questions answered.*


*Intro Calls cost $60 for a 30-minute call. These calls are non-refundable.*

What To Expect

During this 30-minute introductory call, we focus on answering your questions about brain retraining.

The most common questions that are asked:

  • Is brain retraining right for me during this time in my healing?
  • Will brain retraining help my specific symptoms or diagnoses?
  • What do the Vital-Side programs entail (including time committment, protocols, and structure of the program)?

When you meet with Coach Lori:

  • You'll have 30 minutes to share your story and get any questions you have about brain retraining and nervous system regulation answered.
  • You'll connect with someone who gets it. Lori has used Vital-Side during her recovery from MCAS, POTS, Mold Toxicity, Lyme and RA, and through the healing journeys of her kids who were diagnosed with Lyme, Mold Toxicity and PANS.
  • You'll get your questions answered about the Vital-Side Programs so you feel comfortable and confident in taking the next steps on your healing journey.
  • You'll leave with recommendations when it comes to partaking in a Vital-Side Program, which may or may not including private sessions.
  • You'll expand your knowledge and capacity to dive into the missing puzzle piece to your healing journey.
  • You'll receive a follow-up email about recommendations with applicable links.

This is a 30 minute call for $60.

Learn About Lori

"It was July of 2021... and I started waking up with adrenaline surges, and I told my husband 'I have to do brain retraining. I'm not going to live like this. Every stressful event is not going to hold me down."

Lori started working in Vital-Side in 2022 after using Vital-Side's Rewire program in 2021 after she and her children suffered from chronic conditions for too long. Since her recovery, Lori has worked as Vital-Side's Operation's Manager, Member Support Specialist, and Group Facilitator. She has spent countless hours working alongside Lindsay and providing new content, information, and bringing her own special flare to brain retraining.

Lori has a background in psychology and worked as a pediatric counselor. She has been in the holistic health world for nearly 10 years now and has found brain retraining to be a huge piece of her healing puzzle. She is passionate about sharing her story and helping others see their own capability for self-healing.

Here's what she says about her journey using brain retraining in Rewire:

"I have noticed a decrease in basically every symptom. When things do pop up after stressful events, picking up my practice and using the tools more often brings them right back down. I don't feel like I would even qualify for an MCAS, POTS, RA or Lyme diagnosis. I no longer have reactions to many of the things I used to. Digestive struggles are 90% better. This is the last thing I am working on. Anxiety and depression are gone, I'm able to move through emotions much better when things do arise, no more ruminating. I no longer experience joint pain or migraines. My sleep has been greatly improved and when I don't get enough sleep, it no longer affects me the next day. My reactions to mold are very minimal and they don't last for days anymore. The best thing though, has been having a more positive outlook on life. It can't be explained, but after only seeing the negative and never seeing the positive, it's refreshing and still feels a little odd to truly see the positive in everything."