Virtual Private Sessions

private sessions

Vital-Side private sessions add value to your brain retraining practice by working with what you already know, eliminating the techniques that don't work, and reigniting your motivation with specific and achievable goals.

My coaching style incorporates my natural creativity, my experience as a physician assistant, and my training in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Thought Field Therapy (TFT) to create a more simple yet comprehensive approach to brain retraining for the individual. My favorite sessions are the ones where you bring PLENTY of questions, and we work together to create a plan moving forward that works with you.

Please note: private sessions are intended for Vital-Side Members who have established a daily brain retraining practice.

***If you are not currently a member of any Vital-Side program, you can schedule a 30-minute introductory call with a Vital-Side team member to find out what Vital-Side program is right for you***

75-Minute Virtual Mastermind Session

During this one extended session, we focus on getting your questions about your brain retraining practice answered.

The most common questions I have been asked by fellow brain retrainers are:

  • How do I personalize my practice?
  • How can I make this work for my learning style?
  • How do I incrementally train to reach my goals and find relief from my main symptoms?

During this 75 minute session, you'll receive:

  • a personalized technique and recommendations on how to target specific symptoms and get creative with your brain retraining practice
  • A 2-5 page Incremental Progress Plan depicting the personalized technique and a structured protocol on how to move forward
  • recording of your session + email with notes that will be available to you within 24 hours

*Private Sessions with Lindsay are reserved for members of Vital-Side only.*

*Please note that your first private session may have to be scheduled 4-6 weeks in advance depending on availability.

NEW Incremental Progress Plans

Want to schedule a Mastermind Session, but it's currently out of your price range?

Lindsay and the Vital-Side team are now offering Incremental Progress Plans for sale based on a survey you fill out. In these Plans, we create a step-by-step process on how to train with specific goals you want to reach. *This is for Vital-Side Rewire members only.*

Single 60-minute Virtual Session

private sessions

Here we take your brain retraining practice to the next level, getting really specific with questions you have.

This next session comes after your Mastermind. You already have your Incremental Progress Plan, and we have already discussed how to personalize your practice. In these sessions, we dive deep into 1-3 questions you have. If you have experiened a new trauma, have a specific question about a challenge you're facing, or want to dive deep into core beliefs, you can schedule these sessions with me as you go!

*Private Sessions with Lindsay are reserved for members of Vital-Side only.*

Bundle of 3 Private Virtual Sessions

I will conduct a deep dive into what works for you and develop a strategic, actionable plan to help you reach incremental goals.

In these sessions, we get VERY specific into core beliefs, core values, how to train to reach your goals, & more. This is a great adjunct to your retraining practice, and you can lean on me for accountability as you continue retraining.

Ideally, these sessions are spaced out to occur every 2-3 weeks, so you have plenty of time to implement the tools and techniques discussed. You'll also have access to me via the VS private cohort if questions come up between sessions.

*Private Sessions with Lindsay are reserved for members of Vital-Side only.*

Session 1

This is when we get to know one another and discuss the challenges you've experienced with brain retraining so far. We also discuss progress and what your favorite parts have been! After this, I have a better understanding for your learning style and what part of your practice needs improving. You'll likely leave with a way to reboot your practice to feel more connected and reinvigorated by it. You'll spend the next 2-3 weeks re-igniting your practice before our next session.

Session 2

We come together and review how the last few weeks have been. We specifically address any questions that have come up since you have changed up your practice and where we can dive even deeper. This session is an opportunity to ask additional questions about your practice, address overused, old pathways keeping you stuck, uncover your core values, or start discussing and revisiting your Incremental Progress Plan. There are many different roads we can take in this session, all depending on where you need additional clarification.

Session 3

This last session focuses mostly on how to achieve incremental "mini" goals and find relief from your main symptoms. We will do an Incremental Progress revamp if that is a necessary part of your retraining journey. If not, we will revisit the last couple of months and create a plan that makes sense for you to continue to add inspiration and value to your retraining practice. This can change depending on what's top of mind to you, but you'll always leave with a plan on how to take the next steps into the months ahead.

Hear from Laurie H, Rewire Member who completed Private Sessions

"I have struggled with Lyme and recently POTS and was looking for a program to address nervous system healing. Vital-Side has been an incredibly hopeful and inspiring course. It is such an important tool for healing. My 1 on 1 sessions with Lindsay have been a real breakthrough. She is such a great listener and her compassion and ability to mentor and customize this program made the difference for me. I am just starting this journey, but I am grateful."