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The final step to brain retraining: choosing to regulate your nervous system every day

Regulate is for brain retrainers who have been training for 6+ months and who are committed to regulating their autonomic nervous system (ANS) for life.

It's a place to find relevant, specially-designed resources and state changers for around the morning, afternoon, and nighttime - designed with your learning style in mind.

Community and connection help all of us to thrive and stay focused and accountable, which is why we have factored in a cohort space to connect, share and interact with others who are dedicated to growth and balance. We also incorporate check-ins and celebrations on our live calls to grow together as a community.

Regulate, Retraining Maintenance


includes a one-week FREE trial

To join, simply use the button above and click, "Join the VS community to access all courses"

What's Included

Live Calls

The LIVE calls - hosted by Lindsay, Bianca or both of us - are 60 minutes and run every three weeks and cover a relevant, sometimes even requested topic. All replays go into the resource hub so that everyone can watch (or re-watch) them whenever it is convenient.

Mental Exercise Hub

A variety of morning, afternoon and nighttime mental exercises or state changers that are fun, quick (7 mins or less) and always accessible in the Regulate Hub - which you can access with ease on your computer or via the mobile app.

Private Cohort

In your private Regulate Members Cohort, you'll be able to share your experiences, challenges, and wins with other members. You can engage with Lindsay & Bianca via polls and live videos, and you'll have the ability to direct message us with specific questions.

LIVE 60-minute calls

With Lindsay or Bianca (or both!) every three weeks. We dive deep into relevant topics that are specific to brain retrainers like, "How to train during traumatic experiences," "Growing & evolving your connection to joy," "Connecting daily to Core Values," & so much more! Our topic varies depending on what questions we've been getting from our community & what's going on in the world.

An Evergrowing Library

We post the replays from our calls from the last 6 weeks. This ensures you ample time to check out the LIVE session replay or rewatch it!

5 Morning, Afternoon, & Nighttime Mental Exercises

All 7 minutes or less! (These are interchanged and swapped out with new ones each month!!!)

In the Regulate Hub, you'll find resources for maintaining nervous system regulation, which may include:

  • meditations
  • movement practices
  • laughter wellness sessions
  • EFT tapping sessions
  • breathwork practices
  • visualizations

...and other practices, all designed to regulate your autonomic nervous system.

It's here that you can continually find fresh inspiration for retraining. There are twenty mental exercises ready to explore... and we have more up our sleeves that we're bursting to share in months to come! The exercises are changed regularly so that you can keep innovating as you progress.

5 Bonus Resources

In addition to the 20+ mental exercises on the Regulate Hub, we have a BONUS section for resources that are a little longer (things like playlists, longer meditations, laughter sessions etc) AND replays of the live calls too - which increases the value of your membership hub every month.

The Regulate Community Cohort

A place to connect, share and chat between calls. Retrainers from all different programs can share about resources, progress, and questions they have while they regulate their autonomic nervous systems.


Bianca Spears

Bianca Spears is a passion, play and prosperity coach. Her work (and play) help people who are ready to step up and create their lives to embrace more ease, fun and flow. Seven years ago, she shifted from the corporate world into entrepreneurship, meeting anxiety, fatigue and chronic stress along the way. Holistic wellness is something she holds highly and incorporates into her work. No matter what journey others are on, Bianca delights in helping them to rediscover the simplicity, laughter and bliss that’s right there waiting to be enjoyed.


Lindsay Mitchell

Lindsay is the founder of Vital-Side, brain retraining coach, and avid seeker of knowledge. After years of working with hundreds of clients, Lindsay sought to provide a softer, fun, and purpose-driven approach to brain retraining, something that can help brain retrainers level-up their practice and connect with their lives.

She combined some of the most commonly asked questions and frequently requested topics to create structure and protocols to extend the journey of healing and help people connect with their everyday wins in a thoughtful, sustainable way.

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