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This holiday season, give the gift of nervous system regulation to someone with chronic stress...

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These online programs are great for people new to brain retraining:

Reset is $15, and it's Vital-Side's introductory program. It takes 7 days to complete, and each video is less than 7 minutes long. This is a monthly subscription and can be canceled any time. This course is ideal for your friend or family member who is brand new to brain retraining and may be hesitant to get started.

Rewire is $379/ year and designed for people with chronic symptoms like pain, brain fog, and fatigue OR chronic illness like an autoimmune condition, POTS, MCAS, and more. This course may be a gift you ask for because you know you're ready to take the next step into using nervous system regulation in your healing journey.

Reboot is $96/ 3 months and is a course created for people with chronic stress after experiencing a traumatic event like a move, break up, or death in the family... or for people who are busy parents or entrepreneurs. If you or a loved one has dealt with a recent traumatic event and are struggling to move through it, they can start with the simple, daily tools offered in this course.

We have two programs for advanced trainers: Elevate & Regulation Station.

Elevate is $99/ 3 months and is helpful for Rewire members or brain retrainers who come from a different program. We give you tools to add play, personalization, and purpose to your practice. If you or someone you know already has a daily brain retraining practice, this is a great add-on and substitute for private sessions.

Regulation Station is $30/ month and is a database of state changers that include visualizations, somatic practices, laughter yoga, and mental exercises. These tools are changed out monthly. This is a great option if you're looking to expand your practice with more tools.

You can purchase a gift card for the full price of the program OR for a specific amount. Once purchased, you will receive an email with the gift card code to give to the recipient.


Vital-Side was conceptualized through my own experience with chronic illness, as well as my medical background as a physician associate and extensive neuroplasticity training, to provide a unique framework designed to effectively calm the chronic stress response and support the body in its optimal functioning. Learn more about my story and the conditions I have worked with here.


Vital-Side's mission is to empower those suffering from chronic illness and chronic symptoms to find relief from their symptoms and gain freedom in their lives. We do this through the application of a combination of mental exercises and body-based somatic techniques designed to take the brain from a state of survival to one of growth and repair. These tools are non-invasive, empowering, and backed by the latest science. Our approach is simple: let's rewire the brain to optimize its functioning and allow the body do the rest. Learn more here.