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One thing that has always been desperately important to me is bringing limbic retraining work to a clinical setting. As a PA-C, I see the value that nervous system work has on the body. It allows the body to decrease inflammation so that it is optimized to heal. That's why we would love to share our programs with you & your clients!

You can collaborate with us if you are a practitioner in the health & wellness space, a Vital-Side client who is excited about sharing the material, or someone who values nervous system regulation work & wants to share it.

Become a referral partner or affiliate if you are regularly around people with:

  • chronic illnesses or physical symptoms
  • chronic stress or anxiety
  • or people who feel daily overwhelm

You may feel more than ready to add nervous system regulation tools to your practice, so you can continue to do what you're good at.

Now you can! We have two options for you as you look to add Vital-Side programs to your work.

  1. Become a Referral Partner - this is for practitioners, past Vital-Side members, or those excited about nervous system regulation work. Here, you'll be able to offer people discounts + receive a commission.
  2. Become an Affiliate - this is for practitioners who want to include a Vital-Side program into their already existing membership for a commission & free subscription for their clients.

Become a Referral Partner

When you become a referral partner you can offer your clients a personalized 10% discount code and receive a 20% commission on any program you sell. Programs you can receive commission on include Reboot, Rewire, and Elevate. Learn more about these programs here.

You can offer your discount to people on an individualized basis OR you can include your discount code (and personalized PDF with Vital-Side information) in with your current offerings.

To become a referral partner: Use the "contact us" form below, write in your information, and your message can say, "I'm interested in becoming a referral partner!" After receiving your message we'll send you a personalized discount code AND personalized PDF for your referrals.

Become an Affiliate

If you are interested in including Vital-Side programs inside your current membership, you may be interested in becoming a Vital-Side Affiliate.

Affiliates are practitioners who can include Reset, Reboot, or Rewire inside your current memberships or sessions. From your end, you can account for the price of the program into the cost of your membership. Your client will receive a personalized PDF with a 100% discount code and video description of the program (at your request). Then, once a month, we invoice you based on your signups and include a 30% commission rate. This option is best for those practitioners who want to include nervous system regulation work with their current offerings and protocols.

If you're interested in becoming an Affiliate but want more information on how this works, I encourage you to schedule a quick 30-minute call.


Ready to become a Referral Partner or Affiliate?

All you have to do is submit your name & email address (below 👇🏻) and let us know if you'd like to "become a referral partner!" or "become an affiliate!" You will promptly receive an email reply with your personalized discount code, a PDF with program information for your clients, and a PDF with program information for you.

*If you'd like to become an affiliate, you will need to sign a contract before we send you the discount code. Please also let us know which program you're interested including in your membership. I recommend scheduling a call with me before becoming an Affiliate.*

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*If you're curious about becoming a Referral Partner or Affiliate, but you want more information about Vital-Side, please use the contact form above and message us about questions you have about the programs. We'd love to offer you insight into our programs. And, if you'd like to speak with me before deciding which path to take or perhaps you need a more personalized path, schedule a time to me here!*