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Reboot your nervous system to break free from patterns of chronic stress

Retrain your brain out of the chronic stress response to connect with your most vital self

Reboot is a virtual course designed for you if you're on the verge of burnout & allows you to break the chronic stress cycle using structured protocols.

If you're finding yourself running on the hamster wheel of life, unable to feel connected because of stress & overwhelm, Reboot will be a resource to you as you re-discover who you are when you press pause & reboot your dysregulated autonomic nervous system.

Commit to 20 minutes of practice/ day & learn to live more dynamically in your life when dealing with a life transition like a breakup, job change, becoming a parent, or simply adding tools to your toolbox in your self-discovery journey.

Reboot is a way to make nervous system regulation a way of life through mental exercises & rehearsal, somatic tools, and more.

This course is for you if you...

  • are going through a major life transition like a move, break up, becoming a parent, changing jobs, or uncovering your life's purpose

  • want more information on how to connect with rest-and-digest and safety after experiencing traumatic events in your life

  • crave more tools to help you connect deeper to your most authentic and vital self

  • feel like you're running on the hamster wheel of life and catch yourself saying, "when XYZ happens, that's when I'll feel better"
  • have tried many different therarpies and modalities, but you're looking for a daily practice to help you de-stress

  • find yourself trying various manifestation courses, but you don't see any significant changes to your behavior or how you feel

  • desire more for your life than society's conditioning

  • want to optimize your life in areas of wellness, success, manifestation, purpose, and overall life-style

What Reboot members are saying...

I left a decade long career in a high stress environment, had two children (one with a traumatic birth), witnessed my grandmother pass away unexpectedly, lost my father-in-law to Covid in a traumatic setting, and just had 3 surgeries for thyroid cancer. I’ve been traumatized over and over (even from childhood), but this last journey left me with ptsd (I have a therapist) and an overwhelming feeling that I’m unsafe, even though the cancer is gone and I’m done with treatment. My nervous system was just shot. I started Reboot, and through this course, I learned that I have the power to change my stressed state. It’s not perfect, and it’s a process, but I am ALREADY (after 1 month) experiencing a shift.

— Shawna
Has a history of a stressful job, trauma, and thyroid cancer

I used Reboot after making a major job change, deciding not to work in the corporate world. I needed something that would provide me with structure on how to regulate after living in survival for the past 34 years. I love the simplicity of the tools and how easy they are to fit into my life.

— Shea
Changed his corporate job & dealing with the overwhelm of the "rat race"

As a busy working mom of two active teens, who was recently promoted, I was looking for a program that would help me center, regroup, and put me on a positive path to managing my stress levels. Reboot did just that! Learning about the nervous system and different techniques to reboot myself have been valuable tools to have in my toolbox.

— Savita
Going through a self-discovery journey as her PANS daughter healed significantly

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A simple & easy approach to regulating your nervous system

what to expect from the virtual retraining course, reboot

→Using structured, daily protocols, you'll learn tools to balance stress hormone levels like cortisol, adrenaline, and norepinephrine that can be dysregulated when operating from a place of fight-or-flight

→We'll go through practices to identify your voices of survival and limiting beliefs that have kept you held back in your life. When we do this, you can better communicate with this protective mechanism trying to keep you alive

→With bottom-up regulation, we'll use physical sensations, movement, and breathing to become aware of your survival responses & model a new way of being (one of peace, ease, or joy).⁣


→With top-down regulation, we'll use our cognitive processes to begin to shift the thoughts that we have and communicate a signal of safety from the brain to the body


→After calming the stress response, we can use neural manifestation tools to connect with what it feels like in your body to feel "good" again

<<< All combined into one daily 20-minute practice >>>

The Structure

Reboot was designed for those overwhelmed by the daily stressors of life - if you have chronic physical symptoms or a diagnosis, check out Rewire

Whether you're embarking on a new journey or recognozing you need some assistance along the way, it may be time to add a more structured approach to nervous system regulation in your day-to-day life

In Reboot, we work to:

1. Become Aware of our survival responses and how they have shown up in our lives

2. Learn to Accept how our survival responses have been showing up.

3. Take Action to model to your body and brain a new way of being - one of safety & ease

This course includes education on neuroplasticity training tools like somatic practices, mental exercises, visualizations, structured mental rehearsal, breathing, and other tools. Learning about these tools brings the analytical mind on board - once on board, you can start using structured Vital-Side protocols daily to break up the pattern of stress throughout your day.

What's Included

  • The 5-hour video course is broken up into (approximately) 15 minute modules, designed for you to complete daily. With that in mind, you're able to complete the full video course in three weeks (minimum). But you have 3 months to complete it and access all the tools and techniques, so you can take this course at your own pace! After the video course, it is recommended that you use your daily practice for a minimum of 1 month (about 30 days) to create a habit of regulation.

...of your survival responses

This is a time to get to know and understand how your survival or protective mechanisms have been showing up in your life. Through education on how the brain changes due to stress & trauma, information on how to understand your own patterns, and guided tools to help you bring awareness to your patterns, you'll have a fuller understanding for why you have been responding in a state of stress.

...of where you are and an understanding of where you've been.

  • In this module, you'll begin to accept that patterns you have been taking in order to work on communication between your brain and body. We do this through a variety of exercises including movement, breathing, mental exercises, and somatic tools. Once you're able to master self-acceptance, you're able to calm the stress response & connect deeper with a life that you choose - a life that you feel fully connected to.

... taking action allow you to model to your protective mechanisms a new way of being - one of peace, calm, and joy

  • Now that awareness and acceptance have been completed, your journey to take action is a creative and expressive process that looks like modeling to your protective mechanisms (over and over again), a new way of being. This is when we can truly make feeling good a habit in your life because you're actively communicating new signals by accessing the parasympathetic rest-and-digest response and learning to live comfortably in this response. When you do this, you can start introducing goals into your life you'd like to complete and manifestation is made easy since it is no longer hindered by the chronic stress response.

Since this is primarily a video course combined with audios and text in the modules, having a Guidebook is necessary to personalize the information you're given and truly begin to connect with YOUR survival responses. This is a 40-page book that combines information from the videos, journal prompts, and more to allow you to turn inwards.

This private cohort gives you access to a private community of retrainers who are all making feeling good a habit. You can connect with other retrainers, post questions you have, and hold yourself accountable as you move through the content and information.

You can directly message Lindsay and the Vital-Side team 24/7 with questions about your practice in the Vital-Side Members private cohort. We are here as cheerleaders, facilitarors, and supporters for you as you rewire your brain and navigate your healing journey.

There is a bonus protocol we're offering to anyone signing up during the month of July 2023!

The Reboot Membership

Pay $96 X 3 months

*Please note that we do not offer refunds on any memberships or sessions, as stated in our terms & agreements listed at the bottom of the site. You can always cancel your auto renewal & change your pament when you activate your membership.*

>>> Do you have physical symptoms or a chronic illness/ diagnosis? <<<

Rewire was designed with people who have chronic physical symptoms - think pain, fatigue, dizziness, headaches, food sensitivities, and are healing from a chronic condition. This is a comprehensive program designed for people who are sick & stuck. For more information on how to access Rewire 👉🏻

The Vital-Side Membership

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