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Private sessions add value to your brain retraining practice by working with what you already know, eliminating the techniques that don't work, and reigniting your motivation with specific and achievable goals. *You must be a brain retrainer in Vital-Side to schedule private sessions.* We start with the Mastermind Session, and then you have the option to book additional single sessions or a 3-session package.

in Deep Dives

Deep Dive Calls are available to Vital-Side Members who are wanting to further their practice. During these 90-minute virtual meetings, we go through frequently asked questions and topics based on recent questions. Topics include: how to train with goals you have, better ways to visualize, and how to motivate yourself to start. These sessions are scheduled periodically throughout the year & recordings are available for purchase.

**Please note: private sessions are intended for Vital-Side Members who have established a daily brain retraining practice.

***Interested in private sessions, but not sure where to start? Schedule a Q&A with Lindsay to see which Vital-Side program would be the best fit and find out how coming together and personalizing your practice via private sessions can help you achieve your goals.***