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with Lindsay

Private sessions add value to your brain retraining practice by working with what you already know, eliminating the techniques that don't work, and reigniting your motivation with specific and achievable goals. *You must be a brain retrainer in Vital-Side to schedule private sessions.* We start with the Mastermind Session, and then you have the option to book additional single sessions or a 3-session package.

in Vital-Side Ed LIVE

Vital-Side Ed LIVE is a community that meets once a week that allows brain trainers to continue to learn, grow, and share throughout their journey. During these virtual meetings we go through new quick state-changing exercises to use throughout the day, review one topic related to neuroplasticity, and discuss roadblocks to progress. *You must be a brain retrainer in Vital-Side to join group sessions.*

**Please note: private sessions are intended for Vital-Side Members who have established a daily brain retraining practice.

***However, if you have completed another brain retraining program (such as DNRS, the Gupta Program, or the Lightning Process) and are looking to add more personalization to your current daily practice, we consider these clients on a case-by-case basis. There is a different non-member price for private sessions. To learn more, please first book a 30-minute Q&A with Lindsay before scheduling so you both can determine if you're a good fit at this time.