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Deep Dives

Maintain accountability, community, and curation to your brain retraining practice

Deep Dive Sessions are for Vital-Side Members who are looking for additional resources & inspiration to add to their practice and learn more about the continual application of brain retraining.

These are 90 minute calls that offer offer new tools, education, and ample time for a live Q&A. We meet at varying dates for LIVE sessions, and we also offer recordings of past sessions.

Sessions will be facilitated by Lindsay, Vital-Side Founder, OR Lori, Vital-Side facilitator & fellow Rewire brain retrainer & coach - each will be specified.

OUR UPCOMING LIVE DEEP DIVE: TBD. Scroll down to purchase a recording 👇🏻

This process helped me hone in on WHY I'm doing all this in the first place and what emotions I'm hoping to cultivate in my life. The series helped me understand that brain retraining isn't about obligations, checking off boxes, or getting "back to normal" as soon as possible. Instead it's about connecting with your authentic emotions and desires for your life.

— Mary Jane

What I learned in these sessions, I feel will help me incrementally progress in a much more detailed & effective way.

I cannot wait to accomplish my 1st goal! Lindsay made the sessions fun. She was upbeat, caring, & knowledgeable.

— Amy

...After several days I am able to look back at the big picture and say YES, I accomplished much more than I thought.

I feel so much more confident and motivated. I remember the benefits of Incremental Progress and the great end results. I am excited and will continue to practice!!

— Harriet


We design each session to cater to the questions you have & how to integrate brain retraining skills & nervous system regulation into your day-to-day life.

Each call is unique to our topic and focused on specific questions retrainers have been asking lately. During the first 60 minutes, you'll be given additional education around the specific topic, and during the last 30 minutes, there will be a Q&A where you can ask your question LIVE or on the cohort. Each session is limited to a small group of people to make sure each person gets to have their questions met. Each call is recorded. Recorded calls will be sent to the people who sign up the following day AND the recordings are also for sale listed below.


If you couldn't make the LIVE session, and you still want to learn about a particular topic, you can gain instant access to the recordings listed below! *Please note that the chatbox is not included in these calls due to privacy purposes.*

Deep Dive Call: Make Brain Retraining A Lifestyle


When you purchase the recording, you will get immediate access to the recording. Please download the recording right away so you have access to it. In the call, you have access to questions that people ask but you will not get access to the chatbox for privacy purposes.

Please take note that these sessions are live recordings and only shared with members of Vital-Side. These recordings will not be useful unless you have completed a brain retraining program in Vital-Side like Rewire, Elevate, Reboot, and Regulation Station. We do not offer refunds for these recordings.

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