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The resources inside the Vital-Side Membership are designed to help you learn how to retrain your brain out of the chronic stress response, which is vital in making a recovery from chronic illness. A variety of tools have been incorporated including mental exercise, mental rehearsal, and visualization techniques. Visit our About Us page to see an overview of the conditions Vital-Side protocols can address.

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What's Included

The Vital-Side 5-Day Virtual Brain Retraining Program

With lifetime access, you can complete this course at your own pace and return to it at anytime. This is a 5-day course with around 10 hours of video content that is constantly being updated with the latest applicable neuroscience and mental exercises. I recommend you watch these videos in 5 days- 2 weeks. You'll leave with quick & simple brain training techniques to use throughout the day when you have a symptom and a daily protocol that takes 15-20 minutes to run through. I ask for a minimum commitment of 20 minutes (maximum 1 hour) of daily practice for the next 6 months for optimal results.

The Vital-Side Personalized Guidebook

This is a 64-page guide to help you personalize and optimize your brain retraining practice. It will help you to consolidate the information, answer prompts, and have a go-to source for all assignments.

Access to the Vital-Side Private Forum

This private container allows you to step away from social media throughout the brain retraining process while still being able to connect with other Vital-Siders who are on similar paths. You can direct message me 24/7 with any questions and for recommendations on how to personalize your practice.

Discounted Private Sessions

1:1 time with me in the form of a single Mastermind Session, or bundles of 3 or 5 sessions. These can be scheduled at your discretion throughout your brain retraining process for additional support and to gain more personalized tools to reach actionable goals and find symptom relief.

Discounted access to Vital-Side Ed (and your first session free!)

This community of brain retainers meets every Tuesday evening at 5:30 PM Central. Each week we review a new ‘state changer’, one topic related to neuroplasticity, and check-in as a community to discuss our progress. Topics include how to use strategic visualization in your practice, habit formation, and epigenetics (how we change our genetic expression during brain training).

Discounted Vital-Side Morning, Nighttime, and Reminder Meditations

These limbic system-specific meditations act as an adjunct to your existing brain retraining practice to help increase your focus and motivation.

The Structure

The Vital-Side process is structured, not rigid.

During the video course, I review the neuroscience and basic neurochemistry that is behind making changes to your brain.

The videos are supplemented by your personalized Vital-Side Guidebook, which is designed to help you integrate the information learned in the course.

It's recommended to commit a maximum of two weeks time to finishing the course, carving out time to watch the videos every other day. This way, you have enough time to commit to the Guidebook assignments on your off days.

The Process

Brain retraining is accessible to everyone, and you can personalize the process to make it your own.

  • First, we review how you got to this point: being in a constant state of fight-or-flight and how this has impacted the brain and the body.
  • Then, we review in detail the autonomic nervous system, and we start to make changes to your language and beliefs around your chronic symptoms.
  • After learning the science, we immediately jump into tools and techniques you can use throughout the day to make positive changes to your brain.
  • These exercises will then be used on your own for a minimum of the next 6 months. You can start with 20 minutes a day, and work your way up to 30 minutes or even an hour.

A unique component of Vital-Side is our quick techniques that can be used the moment you experience a symptom, to shift your brain's association to it.

You'll leave this course with a grab bag of tools to use throughout the day, known as incidental training, and a longer technique that takes about 20 minutes to run through on your own in the process of incremental progress.

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Limbic system-specific

Vital-Side Meditations

Preview the Morning Meditation

Preview the Nighttime Meditation

The Morning Meditation

If you're looking for an adjunctive exercise to compliment your brain retraining practice and use first thing when you wake up, the Vital-Side Morning Meditation is a great way to get you motivated about your day.

This meditation is for you if you:

  • deal with chronic stress daily

  • are looking for a healthy habit to add to your morning routine

  • have been diagnosed with a chronic condition

  • would like a calming adjunct to your current practice

...then this 34-minute guided meditation is for you! I recommend waking up 30 minutes ahead of your typical schedule, drinking a room temperature glass of water, and listening to this meditation in an upright, seated position. *If you are already a member of Vital-Side, you can receive your Membership discount found on the Membership Page.

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The Nightttime Meditation

When incorporating the Vital-Side Nighttime Meditation into your nightly routine, it can help relieve symptoms of insomnia, make falling asleep easier, and reduce the occurrence of waking throughout the night.

This meditation is for you if you:

  • feel stressed or anxious around bedtime

  • are looking for a healthy habit to add to your nighttime routine

  • have been diagnosed with a chronic condition

  • would like a calming adjunct to your practice

...then this 34-minute guided meditation is for you! I recommend getting in bed 30 minutes ahead of your typical schedule and listening while lying down. *If you are already a member of Vital-Side, you can receive your Membership discount found on the Membership Page.

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Meditation Testimonials

Teodora, Nighttime Meditation

Jacob, Morning Meditation

Cassie, Nighttime Meditation

Faiez, Morning Meditation

A special collaboration:

Healing in Your Hands

Learn how to reduce the physical impact of stress and reclaim your natural resilience during heightened stressful situations.

In this course, Beth Misner and I guide you through fun and simple tools to recover from the 2020 phenomenon known as 'Crisis Fatigue'.

When people have crisis fatigue, it's natural for them to feel a mixture of exhaustion, rage, disgust, despair, desperation, hypervigilance, anxiety, and grief.

What's Included

  • One year of access to 12 modules that includes information about the science behind our approach + BONUS videos!
  • Practices that incorporate EFT tapping, qigong, visualization, breathing, and movement
  • A structured protocol on how to move forward to reclaim resilience in your mind + body

About Beth Misner

Beth Misner was a Qigong and Tai Chi master, certified sports nutritionist, yoga instructor, meditation practitioner, and author of six books, including Healing Can Be Easy: How I Healed Cancer with the BodyMind. As the founder of Abundant Health, Beth offered coaching and education focused on healing naturally through nutrition, mindfulness practices, and spiritual direction.

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