Incremental Progress Plan


What is Incremental Progress?

As a Rewire member, you learn the 7 Steps of Vital-Side and can start to feel more calm & ease in your life. Incremental Progress allows you to take your practice to the next level. It provides you with a structured & organized step-by-step process you can use to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. The goal is to dissipate "its" and start living your life on your own terms.

If you are someone who is looking for specific recommendations to start retraining around goals you have for yourself, this Incremental Plan Creation is for you.

*This is great for you if you feel like a Mastermind Session is currently not in your price range, but you still want access to a structured Plan.*

👇🏻 Receive your Plan 👇🏻

$59/ plan; you'll receive it within 7 days after you complete your survey

"I'm walking, reading more, traveling, and visiting family, drinking things I couldn't before, driving again, and feeling more gratitude & positive emotion, focusing on what my body HAS and what I CAN DO. Visualizations have improved, I'm connected to my best self, able to dream about goals, increased energy, hosted people at the house for a small group, and am able to use wifi again! I have a new perspective on life.

— Rewire Member

Lindsay helped me uncover core beliefs and behaviors that were not serving me. She gave me greate advice and several exercises to do. The exercises helped so much and took me to recovery... I am fully healed from my limbic system injury and now living my life to the fullest! Thank you, Lindsay, for all your coaching and advice... I wouldn't be here without your help.


— Lisa

I'm so glad I found Vital-Side and the breakthrough it has given me 🥳. I used to be hypsensitive to foods, supplements, and my environment, but not anymore!

— Jodi


⭐️ Receive a personalized Incremental Progress Plan based on the top three goals you have for yourself. ⭐️

When you sign up for your Plan, you will complete a detailed survey that will help the team understand what "its" you'd like to change and what goals can be created for you within the next 1-6 months. The more information you provide us, the better. We will create a step-by-step process to help you achieve your goals that will be numbered with 4-6 steps each.

For example: One of your top "its" is brain fog & one of your top goals is to spend 30-minutes a day reading because that brings you joy & connection.

The team will create a Plan for you that allows you to reach that 30-minute goal using visualization and a step-by-step approach to incremental progress to ultimately achieve that goal and dissipate your brain fog. There will be an explanation of each step and additional tips around visualization and your general practice that can allow you to create a truly personalized Plan that works for you.

In your Plan, you'll also receive tips on how to practice more like you, how to incorporate specific visualizations, and recommendations on times of day to practice.


⭐️ Get your step-by-step Plan to start to see daily tangible changes to your life. ⭐️

Oftentimes we have the best intentions to do our practice in a way that suits us, but it can quickly fall by the wayside when we aren't seeing physical evidence that we're making progress. When you sign up to receive your Plan, you'll receive structured guidelines on how to practice based on who you are and the things you can't wait to get back to doing - eat that food, move your body, take that hike, spend time with your kids, go to that class, etc.

If you feel overwhelmed by your 7 Steps, uncertain in how to train with goals you have, or feel like you have 24/7 "its" and don't know where to start, this Plan is for you! It will allow you to create organization around your practice to replace the overwhelm you're feeling.


⭐️ Start seeing changes in your day-to-day life with the Incremental Progress Plan. ⭐️

When you purchase this Plan, you'll be sent an email within the next 1-2 business days containing a survey. This survey is important because in most cases, it is the only information the Vital-Side team will use to create your Plan. Be as detailed as possible in this survey - allowing yourself to be as specific as possible. Once we receive the survey, please allow for 7 business days for us to receive the information and start creating the Plan. You'll receive your Plan in a document format via email within that time frame.

*Our team does our best to be as thorough and specific with you on your Incremental Progress Plan – that’s why we ask so many questions on the front end. Please be as specific as possible when filling out the survey. If you are unhappy with your Plan for any reason, please let us know. We do not offer refunds, but in some cases, we can make minor adjustments to your Plan to make it feel more like you.*


  1. Purchase your Incremental Progress Plan
  2. Fill out the survey (in detail!!) emailed to you within 1-2 business days of purchasing
  3. Wait 7 days to receive your Incremental Progress Plan via email

*If the survey is not filled out right away, we may take longer than 7 days to send you the Plan.*