Deep Dive Call: 3 Part Series on Incremental Progress



These are 3 separate 90-minute calls all about amplifying your visualizations, with 60 minutes of education (+ a state changer) and a 30-minute Q&A. 

Call 1: An Intro to Incremental Progress: THE WHY
- Understand how Limby shows up in your body and mind
- Learn a “how-to” process to choose a goal you want to incrementally progress with
- Stay for a Q&A

Call 2: Steps to Incrementally Progress: THE HOW
- Learn to train with goals in mind and dissipate more chronic “its”
- Create a step-by-step plan, training with one goal in mind
- Stay for a Q&A

Call 3: Create Consistency & Maintain Motivation: THE ACTION
- Connect with Incremental Progress as a way of life
- Receive a template on how to incrementally progress in the future
- Commit to your plan & keep track of your progress
- Stay for a Q&A

*I recommend this for people who want to learn how to make the most out of their Incremental Progress Plan.  This is for Rewire and Elevate Members only, and we do not offer refunds on all recordings.

Deep Dive Call: 3 Part Series on Incremental Progress