Reboot Subscription



Break the cycle of the chronic stress response before reaching burnout.

Reboot is a virtual course designed for you if you're on the verge of burnout & allows you to break the chronic stress cycle using structured protocols.

If you're finding yourself running on the hamster wheel of life, unable to feel connected because of stress & overwhelm, Reboot will be a resource to you as you re-discover who you are when you press pause & reboot your dysregulated autonomic nervous system. 

Commit to 15 minutes of practice/ day & learn to live more dynamically in your life when dealing with a life transition like a breakup, job change, becoming a parent, or simply adding tools to your toolbox in your self-discovery journey.

Reboot is a way to make nervous system regulation a way of life through mental exercises & rehearsal, somatic tools, and more.

Reboot Subscription