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Rewire, The Vital-Side Membership

Retrain your brain out of the chronic stress response to radically transform your health

When you've been battling chronic symptoms for months or years, you feel like you've tried everything under the sun to heal. So it can feel scary to try yet another program or protocol.

Unfortunately, that's usually when people find brain retraining—when they've already tried everything else. Fortunately, it often ends up being the missing piece in their healing puzzle.

Retraining your brain to regulate your autonomic nervous system (ANS) is the foundation. This process allows you to determine which symptoms are a result of limbic system impairment (LSI) and which need to be addressed through other modalities.

Without nervous system regulation, other treatments may not work. With it, other treatments may become unnecessary. Or they may become 10 times more effective.

This is for you if you...

  • suffer from constant fatigue that makes it impossible for you to live a full life

  • know something is off, even though your doctors say your labs are all “normal”

  • can only eat a handful of foods because of all your sensitivites & intolerances

  • react with hypersensitivity to environment stimuli - lights, sounds, smells, etc.

  • feel like detoxing has become a way of life and you fear the presence of mold, bacteria, and potential toxins
  • have dizziness, brain fog, or aches & pains that come and go and have no apparent cause

  • find it difficult to focus during the day or get a good night’s sleep due to feeling “tired & wired”

  • experience hormonal imbalances or gut issues that aren’t improving with food protocols & supplements

  • fail to see much progress in your condition, even after dozens of treatments

  • desire to develop greater emotional regulation & resilience to stress without having to dive right into trauma processing

**Visit our About page to see an overview of the conditions Vital-Side protocols can address.

A Modern, Flexible, & Comprehensive Brain Retraining Experience

⁣→Neuroplasticity + neuroscience education⁣

→Cognitive reframing of illness/symptoms⁣

→Applied positive psychology, focused on character strengths & behaviors that allow us to build a life of meaning & purpose and go from surviving to thriving.

→Top-down regulation, using conscious awareness to shift old belief systems and our physiological response to the world around us. Here we apply NLP tools, conceptual neuroscience, and create new emotional experiences.⁣

→Bottom-up regulation, using physical sensations to create a sense of safety through movement, breathing, EFT (tapping), and sensory experiences.⁣

<<< All combined into one daily 15-minute practice >>>

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What's Included

With one year of access, you can complete this course at your own pace and return to it at anytime. This is a 5-module course with 10+ hours of video content combined with audio and PDF content that will take about 20 hours to complete. After you finish the virtual course, you'll leave with a daily protocol that takes 15-20 minutes to run through PLUS different state changers to use throughout the day the moment you have a symptom. The goal is to make brain retraining part of your daily routine. We recommend you use these tools daily for a spread out time of 1 hour a day for the next 6 months to rewire neural networks in your brain.

This is a 64-page guide to help you personalize and optimize your brain retraining practice. It will help you to consolidate the information, answer prompts, and have a go-to source for all assignments. Throughout the video course, you'll be using your Guidebook to follow along with the course material and apply it to your unique healing journey.

Lindsay is always updating the tools and content to keep you up-to-date with the most current information in the neuroplasticity field. In addition to the course content, you'll receive LIVE videdo calls from Lindsay describing certain techniques, expanding on different subjects, and adding value to your course content to make sure the techniques & tools are working for you.

On the Vital-Side private community, you're welcome to directly message Lindsay 24/7 with question about your practice. You can also reach out to any member of the Vital-Side team for questions about your course, login information, or any other clarification you may need. We are here as cheerleaders, teachers, and a support system for you as you navigate your retraining journey.

This private container allows you to step away from social media throughout the brain retraining process while still being able to connect with other brain retrainers on similar paths. Lindsay often conducts live videos and the Vital-Side team regularly provides prompts, posts, and relevant content to refer back to throughout your Vital-Side journey. This is also where you can direct message Lindsay with your questions.

These limbic system-specific meditations can be paired with your daily retraining practice to help increase your focus & motivation.

In private sessions, you'll meet one-on-one with Lindsay to personalize your brain retraining practice to meet your specific needs. You can do this in a single, 75-minute Mastermind Session, then later complete one-off hourly sessions or a package of 3 sessions. These can be scheduled at your discretion throughout your brain retraining process for additional support and to gain more personalized tools to reach actionable goals and find symptom relief. **Private sessions are currently only offered to Rewire Members. Those who have completed another program will be considered on a case-by-case basis.**

Vital-Side Ed LIVE is for Rewire members who are looking for additional resources & inspiration to add to their practice and learn more about the continual application of brain retraining. We meet live every week on Tuesdays at 4:30 PM CT for 1-hour sessions that include a mix of Educational Sessions to curate your practice; Check-in Sessions for added accountability & community; and Q&A Sessions to learn to connect deeper to your practice.

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Hear from Rewire Members

Brina- recovery from anxiety, fatigue, & digestive issues

Jessica - in remission from Interstitial Cystitis

Carrie - recovery from burning skin sensations & food sensitivities

The Structure

The Vital-Side process is structured, not rigid.

In Vital-Side, we encourage you to start where you are. You're encouraged to take this course at your own pace, on your own time.

A unique component of Vital-Side is our quick techniques or "state changers" that can be used the moment you experience a symptom, to shift your brain's negative association to it.

You'll leave this course with a grab-bag of tools to use throughout the day, known as incidental training, and a longer technique that takes about 20 minutes to run through on your own in the process of incremental progress.

Brain retraining is accessible to everyone, and you can personalize the process to make it your own.

  • First, we review how you got to this point: being in a constant state of fight-or-flight and how this has impacted the brain and body.
  • Then, we review (in detail) the autonomic nervous system, and we start to make changes to your language and beliefs around your chronic symptoms.
  • After learning the science, we immediately jump into tools and techniques you can use throughout the day to make positive changes to your brain.
  • These exercises will then be used on your own for a minimum of the next 6 months. You can start with 15 minutes a day, and work your way up to 30 minutes or even an hour.

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Add Weekly Group Sessions inside
Vital-Side Ed LIVE


(one-week free trial)

*You must purchase Rewire before selecting this option.*

This is great for anyone that is just starting to retrain their limbic system, as well as anyone that is deep in the process. This program provides a caring, detailed approach that supports any aspect of limbic system impairment and is a tailored experience, specific to one's needs.


I was skeptical and had no idea what to expect, but Lindsay explained the science behind each step we worked through. When I started to do the exercises, I noticed a change within the first week. Now, I stick to doing them all the time because I know they make me feel better.


Being able to do this from home via video was very personal. Lindsay is so positive that it is almost impossible not to feel uplifted. It is amazing how much lighter and more positive I felt after learning I could heal myself! I immediately felt better after doing a few minutes of practice.


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A 7-Day Brain Retraining Course

Find out if Vital-Side is right for you with these 7 daily videos, each 7 minutes or less, that include techniques to help you make positive changes to brain.

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